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Your employees are invited to take part in a team challenge: to create a collective piece of Shakespeare and learn basic vocal exercises which will help you in your virtual workplace at the same time.
Directed by the Head of Creative Learning at the Lyric Theatre, staff will perform their piece as a collective team together at the end of the project.
Overall the Shakespeare Challenge can be delivered in 1 week or over a longer period of time, according to requirements.
It is a one-off project which includes:
· Podcast viewing (10-20 mins delivered in one, two or three short programmes, depending on what works better for the team)
· 2 x 20 minutes of Zoom sessions (this could be altered to suit the company’s own needs, for example 4 x 10 minute sessions instead)
· Final showcase performance on Zoom


Team Working: 
· Allows your staff to feel connected to their work colleagues during this period of home-working
· Lets staff achieve something together as a team, which is not related to targets or sales
· Lets staff (virtually) socialise together and have fun
Skills Development:
· Teaches basic vocal exercises
· Allows the team to test the concept of virtual learning
· Shows staff how they could deliver consistent (and virtual) skills development across teams


Times: Anytime during the working day
Platform: Zoom
Devices: Any device with access to Zoom and capability to download scripts
Format: Pre-recorded introductory podcast, live Zoom rehearsal sessions, and a live screening of the final product over Zoom
Participants: 4-20
Customisation: Podcast and session can be altered lengths to suit the company’s needs




The Lyric Theatre is Northern Ireland's only full-producing theatre and for almost 70 years has held a unique position in the cultural landscape of Northern Ireland. The Lyric is a charity, and bound by their charitable purpose and mission to be a playhouse for all.  They are a shared civic space for artists and audiences alike; a creative hub for theatre-making, nurturing talent and promoting the critical role of the arts in society.

Their mission is to create, entertain, and inspire. Their mission is supported by their values and behaviours: They are welcoming: The Lyric Theatre is an inclusive and accessible space for all: a creative place to play, learn, question and explore. They are nurturing: Their goal is to galvanise, and empower artists, whilst nurturing new generations of talent through the Lyric Drama Studio and their Creative Learning and New Writing programmes. They inspire and entertain: They aim to provide theatre experiences that entertain and inspire; challenging audiences to explore their own and other stories.

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