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During their 20 years in the Creative Sector, Bounce Culture have found storytelling to be a profoundly powerful means of communication, be it through, music, images or audio or dance.
In these testing times, Bounce Culture will launch a series of mini-podcasts of 5 minute interviews hosted by their CEO, Kwa Daniels. Each podcast is made up of 3 questions directed to a member of staff within the partcipating company.
The answers to these 3 questions will provide support for other staff, as well as enabling employees to open up and get to know their colleagues a bit more; in turn teams taking part in the podcast will continue to feel connected to their work colleagues. The activity will encourage camaraderie and cohesion, therefore supporting staff remotely with their mental health and well-being.


This novel project promotes the value of personal relationships, to reinforce existing bonds, boost morale and enhance team spirit.
Provides support for a colleague who may feel isolated while working from home.
Enables teams taking part in the podcasts to continue feeling connected to their colleagues.


Times: Anytime during the day
Platform: Content can be shared online or circulated amongst the team internally
Format: 4 x 5-minute podcasts
Requirements: Any device that can access online audio/video files.
Participants: 4 participants interviewed, with no limit on the numbers the podcasts is broadcast to  


£1000 for each series of 4 podcasts 


Bounce Culture is a team of creative industry facilitators passionate about empowering people to connect with their “Inner Rhythm,” which they define as activities that encourage happiness daily, increasing productivity.
From 1999, they have celebrated music, people, diversity and creativity with over 13,000 participants through their workshops, courses and projects as well as staging, hosting and performing at over 600 events to nearly 75,000 attendees across UK, Ireland, Europe and recently West Africa.Their gatherings have occurred in theatres, cafes, bars, barns, mansions, rooftops, courtyards, cellars, beaches, mountainsides and islands!Their programme beneficiaries have included Citi Group, Prince's Trust, National Citizens Service, (NCS,) Mencap, MTV and Radio 1. They have featured on BBC's Across The Line, Radio 1's B Traits and Greg James show, Channel 4's Ideas Factory as well as the Guardian and Observer Music Guides.

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