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A diverse mixture of quick games and activities to connect staff with their colleagues on a coffee break.
Creative Snapshots comprises of 20 minute live sessions via Zoom, offering games and activities enabling staff to take a creative break from work, connect with colleagues in new ways and take care of their wellbeing.
The snapshots are creative  ‘a-ha’ moments, shared with everyone who takes part.


Taking part in creative activities helps us understand ourselves and the world around us. 
At this time when many of us feel isolated, opportunities for self-expression and connection are vital. Creative Snapshots are small social moments that increase energy and help teams connect beyond their work tasks. This helps refresh creativity and supports good relationships and productivity. 


Times: Anytime during the working day

Platform: Zoom 

Format: Creative Snapshots are 20 minute live delivery sessions that can be delivered as:
· A series of weekly sessions over 4 weeks
· A group of 7 sessions across one day or scheduled across one week for companies with multiple teams.
· A single session
Requirements: Any device with access to Zoom
Participants: Up to 20 participants per session
Customisation: Wall2Wall Music is open to delivering the programme in ways that support your company’s needs best  


A series of weekly sessions over 4 weeks: £360
A group of 7 sessions across one day or scheduled across one week for companies with multiple teams:  £500
A single session: £100
Costs include 20 mins delivery, and 1 hour preparation, administration and follow up per session. 


Wall2Wall Music believe in irresistible learning and in everybody's creative ability. They deliver workshops and training for people of all ages and abilities that encourages them to create, compose and perform.

The hundreds of sessions that they have run across the island of Ireland all begin with games and activities which enable people to feel comfortable in a group setting and unlock their creative potential.
Wall2Wall Music has a track record of excellence delivering creative work for and with major festivals and institutions including Galway 2020, the Department of Education and Skills Ireland, UK City of Culture 2013, Music Generation Ireland, Musical Futures and Barbican Centre London.

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Contact Sarah Murphy, Artistic Director | 07811 107065

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