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Still I Rise: Diversity & Inclusion StoryTelling

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Let Three's Theatre Company tell you a story - a story about what it’s like to be a little different in lots of different ways, and let’s celebrate those differences. Still I Rise Diversity Storytelling offers 6 sessions for audiences to choose from - you can choose one, two or even all 6.
Representation is so important as we can only be what we can see. Three's Theatre Company have sessions on race, disability, our planet, different family structures, types of love and emotional well being. They provide an opportunity to explore all of these topics with age appropriate stories read by a diverse group of people. Each reader is well versed in their subject matter, to encourage best representation of the topic at hand. After each story session the group encourage conversations in a safe and fun environment.


The sessions aim to break down stigma around different topics, encouraging children to ask questions and be curious about others and create a space openness.
Stories allow us to escape, and especially now, imagination is so important to keep the children active and thinking creatively. The sessions create a space to connect local people and facilitate group sessions and conversations across NI which will encourage a sense of community and focus on the old fashioned book, but with a new inspiring focus on diversity and inclusion.


Timings: Morning or lunch-time sessions
Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Frequency: Up to 6 sessions to enjoy as a series or as a one off
Platform: Zoom
Device(s) and materials required: Internet ready device
Format: Live sessions
Participants: 5-30 families per session. Suitable for Pre-school -KS1 children


1 session - £135
2 sessions - £260
4 sessions - £500
6 sessions - £700
Sessions Available:
Celebrating Race
Love is Love
Celebrating Families
Emotional Well-Being
Celebrating Disabilities
Loving Our Planet


Still I Rise Story Telling was founded in 2019 by Orla McKeating, who is a single mother to a mixed race little boy called Elliot. She is a coach, specialising in women in BAME communities, TEDx speaker and founder of Boden Park Coffee Company in Belfast. Her passion and purpose is creating a safer, more inclusive world for us and our children.
Anna Leckey is Founder of Kids Yoga with Anna, Three’s Theatre Company and Eco Warriors (she lived a year plastic free!). She is passionate about growing with kids and supporting their mental and emotional health in a safe and fun environment. 

Our children are Codas (children of deaf adult) …and letting them see that everyone is different in their own way, at a young age has really helped them find confidence in their identity and find a language to discuss their thoughts.

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