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Amadan are offering five videos and interactive sessions for staff members and their families to engage with one another, through a rehearsed clown routine and interactive recorded performance.
Through a combination of pre-recorded videos and interactive live
sessions Amadan will get parents and kids playing and learning together.
These sessions will be led by their resident clown, Mr. Mess who will teach families a physical comedy routine using simple, everyday objects. This will build to an interactive live show where families can come together via Zoom and perform together, or an interactive film that will be recorded by the families and edited and packaged by Amadan.


• Allowing kids and parents to decompress and have some fun – laughter is a proven stress reliever and bonds people together
• Enables everyone to learn new skills and focus on a fun task
• Enhancing a feeling of connectedness and community
• Gentle physical activity, tailored to all physical and learning abilities
• Recording of the final performance and a Comedy Academy Certificate


Timings: Morning or early afternoon
Frequency: 1 session per week, over 5 weeks
Platform: Zoom and Vimeo
Device(s) required: Internet ready device 
Format: 5 x 20-30 minute live sessions and pre-recorded videos
Participants: Up to 10 families per business, with a maximum of 4 people per family


£200 per video                                                          



Amadan Ensemble takes risks to make the world braver by creating playful, engaging physical theatre using clown, mime, slapstick & bouffon (a satirical style of Clowning).  Husband and wife team, Jude Quinn and Gemma Mae Halligan tour their work and have travelled as far as Toronto.
Amadan regularly provides creative content for Borough Councils and facilitates theatre training and workshops for young people, children and adults from all professions, including hosting world-renowned masters such as Philippe Gaulier who taught Sacha Baron Cohen and Emma Thompson.
Amadan’s combined experience of working for some of Ireland’s leading theatre companies and their international training ensures audiences enjoy a high-quality and unique experience. 

Professional and accommodating at all times, and flexible. Children and adults were enthralled, entertained and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

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