MLA Letter Template - Campaigning for the £33 million

10 Sep 2020

MLA Letter Template - Campaigning for the £33 million

The NI Executive will decide in the next week (W/C 14th September) on how to spend the £33m that came to NI as a Barnett Consequential from the £1.57bn announced by the UK Chancellor for arts and culture in July. 

It is now urgent that those who care about the survival of the cultural sector campaign for this £33m, as we are in danger of this money being repurposed to another sector.

Please find a downloadable letter template below, produced by the Arts Collaboration Network, to send to your MLA to urge them to allocate the full amount to arts and culture. This template includes a link to MLA contact details.

If you feel strongly about this cause, please also consider helping us make even more noise, by speaking out on social media platforms, tagging DfC and our MLAs with the hashtag #SaveTheArts.

No amount of noise is too much at this point. 

MLA Template Letter

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