What's On Guide September 2019

01 Sep 2019

What's On Guide September 2019

Arts & Business NI What's On Guide - September 2019

Arts & Business NI events

The Fundamentals of Arts Board Membership
Arts & Business NI, Bridge House, 2 Paulett Avenue, Belfast BT5 4HD
3 September 2019
This half-day workshop looks at best practice and at the realities of arts charity governance. We’ll take a thorough look at the compliance requirements of being on a Board, covering roles and responsibilities plus managerial, legal and financial duties. But that’s only half of the picture! We’ll also discuss organisational performance, business models, income streams and what makes a Board/Board Member effective. For Trustees/Board Members or anyone who is considering joining a Board or would like refresher on the changing requirements. Cost: £25+VAT (sandwich lunch included) Tickets available directly on Eventbrite via this link

If your business would be interested in sponsoring any of our Arts & Business NI member events please just let us know.

Blow your own trumpet!
This is a monthly bulletin so if you have a business and arts collaboration event which our other business members could attend please let me know before 20th of the month before, so it can be included here. Don’t be shy – sometimes it is good to blow your own trumpet! Email to Sarah


BOUNCE Arts Festival
Various Venues
5 September – 8 September 2019
BOUNCE is the annual arts festival produced by University of Atypical. Since 2012 BOUNCE has presented new work by D/deaf and disabled writers, actors, dancers, musicians, directors and poets, as well as hosting participatory workshops and masterclasses across a range of art forms. Many events are free to attend. The programme of events is here
National Trust: Mount Stewart Conversations Festival
Mount Stewart
7 September - 8 September 2019
Mount Stewart Conversations Festival returns with its carnival of sparkling conversations, arts and culture in the house and beautiful grounds of the stately home. Just a few examples of the fascinating talks on offer are: award-winning journalist Mark Austin in conversation with Stephen Walker; Princess Josephine Loewenstein and Lady Ann Glenconner share anecdotes of their adventures with aristocracy, royalty and rock stars; Hugo Vickers talks to Tom Perrin about his career as a historian, biographer and broadcaster. Seedhead Arts and Beyond Skin will also be organising free entertainment, dance, music, art and workshops over the two day festival. Go to the website for the full programmes and to book tickets
European Heritage Open Days 2019
NI Wide
14 September – 15 September 2019
During the weekend of 14-15 September EHOD provides a great opportunity to see behind the usually closed doors at over 300 properties and events. Our historic environment provides authentic and attractive places which increase our pride, character and identity, can lead to improved wellbeing and community vitality, and to increased prosperity through tourism, investment, skills, regeneration and creativity. The theme this year is “Arts and Entertainment”, and a programme of cultural events hosted in venues across Northern Ireland has been organised providing you the opportunity to explore our heritage of art and entertainment and its links to our community and its built and cultural heritage, even if we aren’t always aware of this. Some highlights to look out for are a tour of the art collection at Milford House; arts and craft stalls, music performances and short films at Carnegie Oldpark; a music and cultural heritage exhibition and performances at The Braid, Ballymena; Irish language film night at Enniskillen Castle; a public art walking tour in Omagh. Free to attend. With so many opportunities on offer you will need to download the programme and make a list. The fabulous digital programme is here
Culture Night 2019
20 September - 21 September 2019
The biggest event in Belfast's cultural calendar returns for its first double-helping! Come help us make a weekend of it with Culture Night on Friday 20 September and Culture Day on Saturday 21 September. Culture Night Belfast enters its second decade with its first ever weekender! We've taken the very best aspects of what we've learned over the first ten years, and with slightly wiser heads and a little of experience on the clock, we've decided this year to celebrate everything that's culturally great about our city, with an accent on environmental responsibility. This means that we're committed to refining both our programming and ecological footprint. This also means that we want to start to change the idea of Culture Night being just for one day, rather than what it should be - a showcase of what's going on in this city of ours all year round. "Culture, Night & Day" is our maxim for this year, and accordingly we're delighted to announce that as well as Culture Night taking place on Friday 20 September, we're also thrilled to announce that Culture Day will be taking place on Saturday 21 September. Because as sure as Day follows Night, Belfast is a cultural city for more than one night a year! Join us not just for the biggest weekend in Belfast's cultural calendar, but also the most culturally diverse, inclusive and environmentally friendly night and day in the city! Hundreds of free events in all sorts of nooks and crannies around the city centre so leave the car behind and explore the fun activities at every turn. Programme coming soon

Theatre & Comedy

Lyric Theatre, Belfast
31 August – 14 September 2019
Ireland, 1847. Two brothers. One potato. No holds barred. A new play written and performed by Conor Grimes and Kevin McAleer and directed by Conleth Hill.
Shirley Valentine
Lyric Theatre, Belfast
31 August – 5 October 2019
Shirley is a housewife. Her kids have left home and she finds herself talking to the wall while she makes chips and eggs for her husband. Out of the blue her best friend offers her a trip to Greece for 2 weeks and she secretly packs her bags. She heads for the sun and on a voyage of discovery starts to see the world and herself in a very different light. Starring Tara-Lynne O’Neill in Willy Russell’s heart-warming comedy. Age 14+
Crocodile Fever
Lyric Theatre, Belfast
3 September – 8 September 2019
Northern Ireland, 1989. A farmhouse window smashes, and rebellious Fianna Devlin crashes back into the life of her pious sister Alannah. Together in the unlovely family home for the first time in years, the sisters are back at each other’s throats in seconds. And when they are forced to confront their tyrannical father’s hideous legacy, all hell breaks loose. Fuelled by Taytos, gin, 80s tunes and a chainsaw, it’s the Devlin sisters versus the world. It can’t end happily, but it can end gloriously. Like Thelma and Louise’s punk daughter, Meghan Tyler’s surreal Crocodile Fever is a grotesque black comedy celebrating sisterhood whilst reminding us that the pressure cooker of The Troubles is closer than we imagine. Contains strong language, graphic violence, references to sexual abuse, strobe lighting and loud noises. Age 16+
Angela’s Ashes the Musical
Grand Opera House, Belfast
3 September – 7 September 2019
After its stunning debut in Belfast in 2017, Angela’s Ashes returns in this major musical adaptation of Frank McCourt’s memoir. The story is brought to life in this emotional telling of a childhood in Limerick and beyond, featuring unforgettable songs and melodies, told with a rare lyricism and a warm inimitable sense of humour. As his parents struggle to provide for him and his brothers in 1940s Ireland, we follow young Frank’s escapades and experiences in a Dickensian landscape peopled by a drunken father, a helpless mother, pompous priests, bullying schoolmasters and money-lenders culminating in his defiant escape to a new life in America. A haunting score adds to the emotional impact and the humour of the story. Angela’s Ashes has that rare gift of bringing an audience to tears one minute, laughing out loud the next – by turns, deeply moving and riotously funny, this heartwarming musical promises again to be one of the major theatrical events in Northern Ireland this year and is definitely one not to be missed!
A Night in November
The Braid Arts Centre, Ballymena 6 September 2019
Millennium Forum, Derry 22 September 2019
This 25th anniversary tour will see Matthew Forsythe seamlessly shift through dozens of characters in the story. ‘Is it possible to change?’ In his mid-thirties, Kenneth McAllister is a clerk in the local welfare office. Kenneth is a Belfast Protestant who has followed all the rules. He loved who he was supposed to love. He lived where he was expected to live. He fought who he was taught to fight. That is, until one night -- a night in November -- when he did the most exciting, outrageous, crazy thing he'd ever done. A Night in November received the TMA award for Best Production. Age 11+
BOUNCE Arts Festival presents: One Hundred And Eleven (dance)
The MAC, Belfast
7 September 2019
One Hundred And Eleven (111) is a powerful duet featuring narrative dance and aerial collaboration. This incredible performance features poignant choreography, exploring two dancers’ different strengths and vulnerabilities. A stunning spectacle of narrative dance and aerial collaboration, 111 was commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Spirit of 2012, Creative Scotland, Made in Scotland, The Work Room, Tramway, The Place and Check-It Scaffold.. Audio description is available upon request but must be booked in advance.
Now For The North
The MAC, Belfast
7 September – 28 September 2019
28 women leave NI each week, crossing the waters seeking treatment. Behind every statistic is a real woman.
Now For The North is the latest site-specific, immersive piece of “choice” theatre from Three’s Theatre Company. You'll journey around the MAC exploring reproductive rights in Northern Ireland - you'd normally get a choice of the journey to take, but as NI women don't have that option, Three's will choose for you.
"We are here to speak out and tell the stories. Behind every statistic there is a woman*... A real woman with a life, passions, commitments, a family and friends. A woman who is not being supported by their government, a woman who must travel to receive the medical help they need. We are not ashamed, we will stand for our sisters, our mothers, our grandmothers, our cousins, our friends. Northern Ireland, We Want Change". - Anna Leckey, Artistic Director, Three's Theatre Company. Supported by Alliance For Choice - 20% of ticket sales will go to support their cause.
BOUNCE Festival: Paul Currie, Turbo Hallion
The Black Box, Belfast
8 September 2019
Genders of all fluidity, join hands to witness the sparkling mind-satchel of comedian and Belfast-based immersive stand-up artist Paul Victor Currie. Paul was awarded the Best Show through the Comedians Choice Award at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018. ‘I wish I’d seen him sooner. I’ll be back to see him every year. My favourite comedy show of the Fringe this year’ (Stewart Lee).
Midweek Magic Club
The Black Box, Belfast
11 September 2019
All magic is not the same. Midweek Magic Club is the magic equivalent of a garage band playing in a sweaty basement bar. It’s rough, it’s intimate, it’s full of raw energy and we’re going to be right up in your faces blowing your minds. MWMC is a two and a half hour event which is all about the close up. Close up magic that happens right at your table. It was the first event that Seedhead ever set up and it’s still one of our favourites because it changes the dynamic of what it means to go to a show. It’s an event that allows you to see old friends or make new ones because the micro performances are spread out over the evening, allowing you to socialise and have a beer in-between. There’s really not another night like it in Belfast. It’s always different, always rowdy and ALWAYS worth leaving the house on a Wednesday for.
The 10 Dark Secrets of 1798
Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
12 September 2019
Historical Entertainer Paddy Cullivan brings you an audiovisual spectacular two centuries after the rebellion that changed Ireland forever. Incorporating 300 images, historical insight, satirical wit and song - Paddy reveals the 10 strangest things (and Darkest Secrets) that happened before, during and after the insurrection that (briefly) united Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter. He also draws parallels with those events’ effects on modern Ireland in a story that unfolds like an addictive thriller. Why is the death of Wolfe Tone still a mystery and why did it need to look like suicide? Who was the establishment figure that may have been his real father? In the time of the Penal laws, what national icon was a conspicuous 'Loyal Catholic'? How did Napper Tandy inadvertently help with Napoleon's love life? And which of his 'lucky' generals may have scuppered everything from Bantry Bay to Waterloo? Why did Protestant Republicanism change so quickly and radically to Orange Unionism? And how did remembering 1798 grow more challenging with every passing year? All these questions and more will be dealt with in 'The 10 Dark Secrets of 1798'. Don't miss it! Age 16+
The Man in The Woman’s Shoes
The MAC, Belfast
13 September - 14 September 2019
It's October 1978 and with Pope John Paul the First not long dead, Autumn is closing in and Pat Farnon has ‘some business’ to do in town. This utterly simple yet equally astonishing show, written and performed by Mikel Murfi follows Pat Farnon as he walks to town and back again. It's funny, tender and at times downright daft - it might just make you fall in love with life again. The Man in the Woman's Shoes and I Hear You and Rejoice were commissioned by the Hawk's Well Theatre and Sligo County Council Arts Service.
I Hear You and Rejoice
The MAC, Belfast
14 September 2019
Hot on the heels of The Man In The Woman’s Shoes, comes Mikel Murfi’s I Hear You and Rejoice. Late in his life, Pat Farnon, a cobbler and all round contented man, embarks on a journey he had not quite planned and finds that every twist in the road can bring its own surprises. The Man in the Woman's Shoes and I Hear You and Rejoice were commissioned by the Hawk's Well Theatre and Sligo County Council Arts Service.
How To Be A Tube
Lyric Theatre, Belfast
18 September – 22 September 2019
Nuala McKeever, NI’s queen of comedy, presents an entertaining masterclass on how to get yourself out of the way and let your natural creativity flow. Are you ever blocked? (And I don’t mean after 5 gins and a bottle of wine...) Do you ever find yourself stuck, unsure, held back by something telling you not to speak, write, dance, sing or generally express yourself? If so, now’s the time to find out what’s in the way of you being your real self: creative, alive, enthusiastic about life. In this lively session, Nuala draws on her own experience of un-learning – the process of letting go of all those limiting beliefs – and becoming a conduit for the words and ideas that want to be heard. Life is short. Life is for the living. Let it flow! This session is such a tonic, you won’t even miss the gin...Age 16+
Border Pole
The Little Theatre, Community Hall, Mountpottinger, Belfast BT5 4NE
19 September – 21 September 2019
Lena Nowakowski is in a pickle. After her move from Poland, all she wants is to settle in to her new house at Pettigo and get on with her work at the meat factory. Trouble is, half the house is in NI and half in the Republic of Ireland. And she's plagued by wazzicks - uppity estate agents, the PSNI, the Guards, the Church (both sides...), her co (non) workers and the local hoods. BUDCo brings you a night of comedy, song and some very swift costume changes in this premier of Chris Darcy's new play. (Warning: there are some Brexit jokes, well - how could there not be?)
Aeneid Book VI
Seamus Heaney HomePlace
21 September 2019
A few weeks before his death, Seamus Heaney signed off on his translation of Book VI of Virgil’s epic twelve-volume poem. In the two-thousand-year-old verse, Aeneas journeys to the underworld in search of the shade of his father and other ghosts from his life. Published after his death, Heaney’s lifetime’s craft culminates in his masterful and tender translation. In their intimate realisation of it, Stephen Rea reads the text and Neil Martin underscores on cello – mostly together, though at times we hear just words, at others just music. It was commissioned by Kilkenny Arts Festival in 2016 with subsequent performances in New York and Ireland. Stephen Rea and Neil Martin have been collaborating for thirty years, first sharing a stage (with Seamus Heaney, inter alia) in 1988 on a Field Day Theatre Company event. Founded by Stephen Rea and Brian Friel, Field Day will mark its 40th anniversary in 2020.
The Luminaire Club at The MAC, Belfast
21 September – 5 October 2019
Bouncers, by John Godber was one of The MAC's most popular shows ever last season. In fact, you loved it so much that the four singing, dancing, philosophising big lads are back in town. One night in a Belfast disco in the 1980s; with all the familiar characters: the boys, the girls, the cheesy DJ and of course, the men in black. Powered by an amazing soundtrack featuring all the hits of the era, you’ll hear from Lucky Eric, Judd, Les and Ralph as they share their stories in this outrageous and often poignant disco parody. So, stick your name on the guestlist and enjoy what The Stage called ‘a "slick, atmospheric production that brings contemporary resonance to John Godber’s gritty, sardonic play" New Bouncer, Sean Kearns joins the original trio of NI’s finest comedic actors, Ciaran Nolan , Conor Grimes and Chris Robinson..
Stranded: Half Cut Cabaret
Strand Arts Centre
27 September 2019
Seedhead Arts’ cabaret is still proud to be a low-fi cabaret. Still channelling the angry, dirty, rebellious spirit of true cabaret and not the dressed up, elitist, expensive events that pass as cabaret these days. But now you can bring your own booze and they’ve lost the bap. Most Seedhead Arts cabarets will have a tantalizing mix of music, comedy, magic, circus and the truly bizarre. And there’s always a compere on hand to hold that fine line between general merriment and total mayhem! Over 18s only. BYO
Geoff Norcott: Taking Liberties (comedy)
Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
27 September 2019
Geoff Norcott’s unique brand of provocative stand-up is hitting the road again and heading to Belfast with his show ‘Taking Liberties’. Whatever the contentious subject – he’ll be honest and blunt without being a dick. Mostly. As seen on The Mash Report, Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week. Geoff has also appeared frequently on Question Time and can be regularly seen putting the cat amongst the pigeons on UK political debate shows. You may have also heard him on his own Radio 4 comedy special or popping up on The Now Show. He’s written for shows ranging from Have I Got News For You and C4’s Alternative Election to Judge Romesh, Roast Battle and JFL’s Katherine Ryan Stand up show. Age 16+ BYO
Under Milk Wood
Seamus Heaney HomePlace
29 September 2019
Theatres International Limited presents Under Milk Wood adapted from Dylan Thomas. Performed by Guy Masterson. ‘If you've never seen Under Milk Wood before, this is perhaps the ultimate rendition. Don't miss it!’ The Guardian. A celebration of village life, Under Milk Wood presents a day in the life of Llareggub - a small seaside town somewhere in Wales. All 69 ebullient inhabitants from Dylan Thomas' timeless masterpiece are hilariously recreated in this amazing feat of memory and virtuosity by actor Guy Masterson. Complemented by a stunning original soundscape, Under Milk Wood is bawdy and beautiful, sad and sensual and, through the music of language, leaves indelible, unforgettable images of humanity. Guy Masterson (Richard Burton's nephew) brings the entire work made famous by Burton's legendary 1954 recording, to vivid life on stage. This astonishing solo performance premiered in 1994 and has played over 2000 times all over the world, enchanting audiences wherever it has played.


Peter Price: An Evening of Blues and Beyond
The Black Box, Belfast
10 September 2019
Virtuoso acoustic Blues/Jazz/Folk/World. Peter Price is a guitarist/singer with brilliant international reputation following a musical career which has so far taken him to festivals and concert venues throughout the UK, Europe, North America and, more recently, Australia and New Zealand. A gifted performer, his concerts and performances take the listener on strange and exotic journeys from the country blues style of Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, and Leadbelly, to Latin American dances, Celtic Pipe and Harp tunes, Hymns and Indian Ragas. 'His performances demonstrate a mind-boggling mastery of the acoustic guitar, a rich singing voice, and a relaxed yet compelling stage presence. Peter’s performances have delighted audiences worldwide and guarantee an evening not to be missed.” The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain.
Los Dramaticos
The Black Box, Belfast
12 September 2019
Los Dramáticos invite you on a musical voyage around the Spanish-speaking world. Our sound is a mix of flamenco guitar, the charango – a 10-string from the high Andes – and vocal harmonies with which we interpret well-known songs and melodies from both sides of the Atlantic. If you like joyful melodies, hot beats and tragic lyrics join us in the Green Room on Saturday for some passionate Latin grooves. Dancers welcome! Free to attend.
Cliona Hagan
Alley Arts & Conference Centre, Strabane
13 September 2019
Irish Country Artist and Dancing With The Stars contestant Cliona Hagan embarks on her headline Irish Concert Tour. Cliona will perform hits from her latest album ‘Secret Love’ including all the fan-favourites: Born To Run, 1-2-3, and McCarthy’s Party. A classically trained singer with a degree in Music, Cliona Hagan’s many accolades include “Female Vocalist of the Year” and “Entertainer of the Year”.
Die Fledermaus
Grand Opera House, Belfast
15 September & 17, 19, 21 September 2019
‘Die Fledermaus’ is the jewel in the crown of the real king of the waltz, Johann Strauss. The tunes stay with you forever, the humour is wicked, the atmosphere indulgent. It’s a hilarious farce about men taking liberties, women taking control and the dangers of dressing up as a bat. Featuring May McFettridge as Frosch the Jailer.
‘Die Fledermaus’ opens at the Grand Opera House with the full Ulster Orchestra on 15 September with a black tie charity gala in support of the Welcome Organisation, which provides an excellent opportunity for corporate or client entertainment. Those buying Grand Circle seats will also have access to a VIP post-show reception with drinks and canapes. The opening night gala performance starts at 6pm and all the Grand Opera House bars will be open late after the performance ends at 9pm. £10 from every premium ticket will be donated to the Welcome Organisation who support those experiencing homelessness in Belfast. Charity Gala Ticket Link:
There will be three further performances of ‘Die Fledermaus’ on 17th/19th/21st September when the performance will start at 7.30pm. Standard Performance Tickets:
Ulster Orchestra: On Your Doorstep
Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen
18 September 2019
A very special treat awaits in this concert featuring some of your favourite music from the Baroque period. Peter Whelan directs a programme from the harpsichord that includes Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and Water Music Suite 1. The Orchestra is also delighted to showcase three of its members as soloists for the occasion. First violinists Beverley Scott and Thomas Jackson take centre stage to perform Bach’s sublime Concerto for Two Violins, while bassoonist Vahan Khourdoian features in Vivaldi’s serene and lyrical Bassoon Concerto (RV 493). Join Peter Whelan and the Ulster Orchestra for an intimate evening of music full of all the charm, poise and joy of the Baroque Era!
Amanda St John & a 5 Piece Band
Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
20 September 2019
Amanda St John is a Soul/blues/Americana singer songwriter from Co. Antrim. With comparisons to Dusty Springfield and Imelda May St John has been described as a ‘head-turning vocalist with serious song writing prowess… a sensational artist’ (Visit Dublin). She received rave reviews and worldwide airplay of her debut album 'Grow', which was released in 2016. In May 2018 she became the first Irish independent artist in history to record in the legendary FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Some of the most iconic artists in the world have recorded there, including Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Wilson Pickett, Percy Sledge and Solomon Burke. Amanda's songs and performance style have been heavily influenced by these artists thus it was a natural progression for her to follow in their footsteps and capture that authentic sound in FAME Studios. Backed by a 5 piece band (which includes St John's main collaborators Paul Tierney and Michael Mormecha) this gig is the launch of her Irish and UK album release tour and is sure to be a great night of celebration! Age 18+ BYO
Ulster Orchestra: Rustioni Conducts Opening Concert
Ulster Hall, Belfast
27 September 2019
Verdi - Overture: I vespri siciliani; Elgar - Cello Concerto; Saint-Saëns - Symphony No. 3 Organ. Those opening cello chords. Unmistakeable in classical music and an unmissable opening to the 2019/20 Ulster Orchestra Season! Elgar's Cello Concerto is elegaic and autumnal, written after the Great War and towards the end of the composer's career when Elgar felt he was passing out of relevance. The piece's long solo passages convey that sense of solitude and even loneliness. To perform it, we welcome back Johannes Moser to the Ulster Hall stage, a cellist whose recording of the Elgar Concerto earned an 'Editor's Choice' review from Gramophone Magazine, describing it as 'musically gripping' and 'likely to take your breath away'. To partner the Elgar, Chief Conductor Daniele Rustioni leads the Ulster Orchestra in a performance of Saint-Saëns’s monumental Third Symphony. HIs final symphony, Saint-Saëns said 'I gave everything to it I was able to give. What I have here accomplished I will never achieve again.' It's a remarkable work, full of invention and beautiful melody, which reaches its climax in the final movement's thundering chords, heard on the mighty Mulholland Organ. A concert to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end!
The Greatest Show
Millennium Forum, Derry-Londonderry
28 September 2019
Join Belfast Operatic for an evening of musical movie magic telling a story of love and featuring songs from iconic films including Moulin Rouge, Bohemian Rhapsody, La La Land, SMASH, Chicago, and many more. This special concert will also celebrate one of the most successful movies of all time, The Greatest Showman, thrilling audiences with performances of Come Alive, Never Enough, From Now On and, of course, The Greatest Show.
Joshua Burnside with special guests Runabay
The Braid Arts Centre, Ballymena
28 September 2019
Northern Irish experimental folk songwriter and producer Joshua Burnside is something of a regional anomaly. With a brooding, powerful sound echoing artists of places afar and time long gone, his enthralling craft defies local comparison in striving towards an aesthetic as much visual as it is sonic. Balanced with a diverse palette of sounds, Burnside deftly blends alt-folk and elements of the Irish folk song tradition with South American rhythms and Eastern European influences, whilst introducing synthetic and found-sounds, synths loops and crunching beats to create a stormy world that shifts and swirls perspective like a lingering lucid dream. Supported by local band Runabay.
Jazz in the Gardens
National Trust Mount Stewart
29 September 2019
Bring your picnic (no BBQs) or enjoy some on-site catering and settle down on the lawn with your family and friends to enjoy an afternoon of jazz in the beautiful gardens at Mount Stewart. Guest performers in September - JB and the Riviera Swing Band. Free event but admission may apply.
Afternoon Blues
The American Bar, Dock Street, Belfast
Every Saturday 2pm
Run by the infamous Chris Roddy of The Rotterdam and The Pound, proper music for grown-ups.
Sailortown Open Mic
The American Bar, Dock Street, Belfast
Every Sunday 7pm
Open session with some of the best musicians Belfast has to offer, compered by David Browne Murray.

Family (all ages, all abilities)

The Slipped Disco
The Black Box, Belfast
2 September 2019
The Slipped Disco, the best dance music from the 60s and 70s for people in their 60s and 70s (and older!!!). Get your dancing shoes on and get ready for a night of the best dance hits of 60s and 70s, played by DJ Groover! Featuring the best of Motown, disco, Pure Soul, Barry White, ABBA, and more! Plus games and a raffle. Admission is free. For tickets call Engage with Age on 028 9073 5696.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Grand Opera House, Belfast
3 September 2019
The raw emotions and cracklin dialogue of Tennessee Williams’ 1955 Pulitzer Prize-winning play rumble like a thunderstorm in this film version, whose fiery performances and grown-up themes made it a box-office hit. Starring Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor. These screenings are open to all, but have been with care, attention and insight tailored to be accessible for people living with dementia enabling everyone to enjoy a great day out at the Grand Opera House. Join us for a chat plus free tea, coffee and biscuits at 10.30 then the screening will begin at 11.00.
Black Moon
The Black Box, Belfast
3 September 2019
Black Moon is a night for and by adults with learning disabilities, giving people a chance to socialise in a cool, modern environment, meet new people and learn new skills.
Creative Adventure for Children: Pebble Painting
The Art Room at UNIQUE, Ulster University
7 September 2019
Join in at UNIQUE, home to Ulster University's emerging art and design talent, for a series of fun, free, art workshop experiences. All workshops are located in the Art Room at UNIQUE. Workshops are suitable for children aged six upwards. Children under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Pebble Painting Saturday 7 September 2:00pm to 4:00pm; also coming soon - Print-making party Saturday 5 October 2:00pm to 4:00pm; Fancy Dress Life Drawing Saturday 2 November 2:00pm to 4:00pm; Christmas Clay Club Saturday 7 December 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
Little Red Riding Hood and The Silly Billy Wolf
Alley Arts & Conference Centre, Strabane
14 September 2019
This colourful, fast-paced all singing and dancing show is a fun and gentle re-telling of the classic fairy-tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood is adventuring through the woods to visit her Granny, but somewhere along the way the Silly Billy Wolf is waiting.
Black Moon: 80s Disco
The Black Box, Belfast
17 September 2019
Black Moon is a night for and by adults with learning disabilities, giving people a chance to socialise in a cool, modern environment, meet new people and learn new skills.
Dementia Friendly Tea Dance
Millennium Forum Theatre & Conference Centre, Derry
26 September 2019
The Millennium Forum’s Dementia Friendly Tea Dances are held in the venue’s Studio once a month. The events are free with an afternoon of entertainment and music. The Tea Dance begins at 2pm and finishes at 3.30pm. Refreshments are provided by the in-house restaurant from 2pm. Free to attend but booking essential. Advise any dietary or access requirements when you book.
Energy of Light Discos
Millennium Forum Theatre & Conference Centre, Derry
27 September 2019
These are monthly discos for young people aged 15+ who are experiencing limited physical, sensory and/or learning disability.
Mini Moon
The Black Box, Belfast
28 September 2019
All the fun and craic of Black Moon but this time for the wee ones. If you have a young child with any kind of disability why not join in for an afternoon boogie? The music is low, there are coloured lights and moving visuals, soft cushions, sensory toys, bubble machines and lots of dancing. The Green Room is also open for a coffee, tea or juice or just to escape and chill away from all the dancing. Free to attend.
The Imaginarium Arts & Story Centre
Sticky Fingers Arts, Newry
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays (plus Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday during summer holidays)
The Imaginarium is a very special emporium where children let their imagination go wild. Open the secret door and step in to the magical world of the Imaginarium, a world of exploration and play. Hide in the secret tunnel, jump over the bridge, visit the village in the forest, dress up as a pirate or a dinosaur, sail through the river, make a wish in the well, take the helm and fly to the moon, everything is possible.
Silver Screenings
Strand Arts Centre
September 2019 (Thursdays)
Weekly screenings of classic films for seniors (but open to all). Great opportunity for seniors to meet and interact, and enjoy a trip down memory lane. Free tea/coffee included in ticket price. Free transport for community groups available on request. Screenings in September include The Happiest Days of Your Life (Alastair Sim and Margaret Rutherford) and The Searchers (John Wayne and Natalie Wood)


Scottish Colourists from the Fleming Collection
F.E.McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge
31 May – 28 September 2019
Featuring 30 works from the prestigious Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation which owns the finest collection of Scottish art in private hands, plus additional loans from National Museums Northern Ireland, this new exhibition celebrates work from the four key Scottish Colourist artists, alongside artists who were early influencers of their work. The artists FCB Cadell, JD Fergusson, GL Hunter and SJ Peploe, represent some of the greatest achievements in Scottish art and are amongst the most admired of early twentieth century British painters. The F.E.McWilliam Gallery and Studio itself is dedicated to the memory of the sculptor who was one of Ireland’s most influential and successful artists. Featuring a permanent display of McWilliam’s work as well as temporary exhibitions, it is free to visit.
The Art of Selling Songs: Music Graphics from the V&A
Ulster Museum, Belfast
14 June – 15 September 2019
Drawing from the V&A’s long-standing collection of music graphics, this exhibition explores how graphic design wraps around music, and considers the past, present and future of the artform. A century of trends in visual culture, graphic design and consumerism are framed within the world of popular music marketing. The exhibition also celebrates the contribution of a range of well-known artists and designers from the late 19th century to the 21st century and reflects the changes in printing methods, design trends and how performers influenced how they wanted to portray their personality.
Sonia Shiel – I Am What You’ve Come To See
Void, Derry
5 September – 1 November 2019
In all works of fiction there belies an agreement that the reader or viewer will allow for a suspension of disbelief. In this exhibition I Am What You've Come To See, the artist Sonia Shiel has transformed the three gallery spaces into a circular narrative, casting the audience as its central protagonist. The viewer is compelled to move through the galleries by a series of scripted audio-visual instructions, strategic objects and obtuse props that feign seemingly ungovernable chances - in a shapeshifting journey that is entirely staged. The paintings portray various landscape/natural elements and patterns, imprecise geometries, and translucent planes of colour and shape. Mimicking a digital landscape that encompasses both the archaeological and futuristic, the works have mobile components which, when activated, suggest how mysterious and magical qualities might influence the directions we take, even in the presence of intent.
Danilo Correale: They will say I killed them
The MAC, Belfast
19 July – 13 October 2019
A major new film commission by Italian artist Danilo Correale. They will say I killed them, is the result of an in-depth investigation into Italian cinema from the 1950s to the 1980s that for different reasons were left on shelves in the form of screenplays, or filed away in the minds of directors, without ever becoming films because of censorship. Through an immersive interplay of lights, shadows, and camera movements, the audience is led through fragments of untold stories panning from a film about Italian Colonialism, to a thriller about the history of an Italian terrorist group, to a romantic play about the life of Simone Weil.
Rationalism on Set: Glamour and Modernity in 1930s Italian Cinema
The MAC, Belfast
19 July – 13 October 2019
An exhibition exploring a little-known period of Italian cinematic history, highlighting the strong Modernist influence apparent in the set designs created for a number of romantic comedies during the inter-war years. Many architects recognised the powerful role that cinema could play in popularising modern architecture; some got personally involved with set design, while others vocally supported their colleagues’ efforts to reflect in film settings the latest developments in architecture and to educate the public by familiarising them with modern design.
Mark McGreevy: Flop Sweat
The MAC, Belfast
19 July – 13 October 2019
Flop Sweat is built on McGreevy’s collected archive of personal and found imagery drawn from the media and everyday experience. These new paintings play with the unquestioned assumptions of taste, usually landscapes that seemed to have been created by the same innocuous actions and activities that appear in his painted realities. McGreevy’s paintings are purposefully wonky and embedded in the anxiety of the material and the interior world. Depicted in his paintings, spaces of seemingly little value and out of place mass, middens, declivities, dumping sites, and weird islands reveal objects that no longer hold their original meaning, creating a jittery unease.
Afternoon of Artist Moving Image works
The MAC, Belfast
26 September 2019
Artists’ Moving Image Northern Ireland (AMINI) presents a day of screenings in association with the MAC and Visual Artists Ireland. During the first part of the afternoon AEMI – a Dublin-based initiative that supports and exhibits moving image works by artists and experimental filmmakers – will present their current touring programme, ‘Delirious Rhythm’, comprising of works selected by artist Vivienne Dick that inspire her internationally acclaimed experimental film work. Following this, Peter Taylor, Director of the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival (BFMAF), will present a special screening of contemporary works from BFMAF 2019. This afternoon programme will be followed in the evening by the Jarman Award Screenings: a showcase of works from artists at the forefront of experimentation in filmmaking today. This year’s nominated artists are: Cécile B. Evans, Beatrice Gibson, Mikhail Karikis, Hetain Patel, Imran Perretta and Rehana Zaman. There will be a Q and A with one of the shortlisted artists as part of the event. Entry to AMINI 19 is free, but booking is essential. AMINI 19 tickets allow admittance to the Jarman Award screenings that evening. AMINI is an artist led initiative for the promotion and critical discussion of artists' moving image in Northern Ireland .
Museum Lates
Ulster Museum, Belfast
26 September 2019
Enjoy the galleries and exhibitions of the Ulster Museum after hours with live music, drinks, coffee and chat. All galleries and exhibitions will remain open – an excellent opportunity to enjoy the latest displays at your leisure and the perfect way to start your wind-down to the weekend.
Strabane Photographic Society
Alley Arts & Conference Centre, Strabane
30 September - 25 October 2019
A spectacular exhibit of talent from members of one of the North Wests leading Camera Clubs. This new exhibition will feature over 60 images from the past year, including wildlife, landscapes, portraits and much more.
Late Night Art
Various Galleries, Belfast
First Thursday of every month
Late Night Art Belfast happens across the whole of Belfast on the first Thursday of every month with over a dozen galleries opening their doors for an evening celebration of the vibrant visual arts scene. Guided tours available but alternatively you can just wander in and out and enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles as you enjoy an evening stroll around the city. Download the map here
Art on the Rails
Project 24, Queen’s Parade, Bangor
Last Sunday of each month
A monthly curated art and music festival featuring over 30 exhibitors of art and contemporary craft to inspire, relax, revive and stir your senses. Bring a picnic or enjoy food and refreshments from the traders on-site, sit back in the deck chairs and lose yourself in the music or try a free craft taster session and take home a piece of art. Free event.


An Evening with Sebastian Barry
Seamus Heaney HomePlace
7 September 2019
HomePlace is delighted to welcome Sebastian Barry, current Laureate for Irish Fiction to the Helicon. Winning early acclaim as a playwright, Barry has gone on to become one of the leading novelists of his generation, and is a brilliant reader of his own work. His plays include The Steward of Christendom, Our Lady of Sligo and The Pride of Parnell Street. His bestselling novels include A Long Long Way, Annie Dunne and The Temporary Gentleman. Barry is the only novelist to have won the Costa Book of the Year twice, for The Secret Scripture in 2008, and for his most recent book, Days Without End in 2017. He has also won the Kerry Group Irish Fiction Prize, the Irish Book Awards Novel of the Year and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, and has twice been nominated for the Man Booker Prize. Sebastian Barry is the second Laureate for Irish Fiction and was awarded the honour by the Arts Council in early 2018. The Laureate for Irish Fiction promotes Irish literature nationally and internationally and encourages the public to engage with high quality Irish fiction. The Laureate for Irish Fiction has been developed by the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and is supported by University College Dublin (UCD) and New York University (NYU). For his Laureateship Sebastian Barry has chosen to focus on the theme; 'The Golden Age of Writers and Readers'. As part of his public programme, he has developed a book club called Life Lines which aims to engage readers across a variety of distinct and harder to reach settings with contemporary Irish fiction. He has also developed a video podcast called, 'What the Hell/Heaven are we doing?' where he discusses with fellow writers what compels them to write. Join us for what promises to be a memorable evening with one of Ireland’s finest writers, as he reads from and talks about his work.
A Bellaghy Tale (walking tour)
Seamus Heaney HomePlace
7 September – 22 September 2019
The World Premiere of A Bellaghy Tale by Vincent Higgins. Directed by Paula McFetridge. Starring Maria Connolly and Nicky Harley. A woman returns home to Bellaghy. A homecoming of sorts. Old haunts. Old habits. Old ground. What harm? Why now? Why not? What does she want? She has a tale to tell. ‘I had my existence. I was there. Me in place and the place in me’. Join Kabosh on a unique theatrical journey around Bellaghy and experience the places that for Seamus Heaney ‘lie deep, like some script indelibly written into the nervous system’. Place and language take centre stage in this specially commissioned work that will explore the magic of words and the poetry of home. Please be aware this is a walking tour so dress appropriately. Duration one hour and starting from Seamus Heaney HomePlace.
BOUNCE Festival: Frances Ryan Book Launch
The Black Box, Belfast
8 September 2019
Join Frances Ryan in conversation for the Belfast launch of her book: Crippled – Austerity and the Demonisation of Disabled People. In austerity Britain, disabled people have become the favourite target. From social care to the benefits system, politicians and the media alike have made the case that Britain’s 12 million disabled people are a drain on the public purse. In this event, award winning Guardian journalist Frances Ryan exposes the disturbing reality, telling the story of those most affected by this devastating regime. Ryan charts how in recent years the public attitude towards disabled people has transformed from compassion to contempt: from society’s ‘most vulnerable’ to benefit cheats. She gives a damning indictment of a safety net gone wrong, and demands for an end to austerity measures hitting those most in need. We’ll be hosting a live link-up with Ryan, followed by a question and answer session. Free to attend.
Lemn Sissay: My Name is Why
The Black Box, Belfast
13 September 2019
My Name is Why: In Conversation with Lemn Sissay. Approx 1 hour – 40 minutes reading & 20 minutes Q&A. This is Lemn’s life story: a story of neglect and determination, misfortune and hope, cruelty and triumph. Lemn Sissay will be reading from his new Memoir, reflecting on a childhood in care, self-expression and Britishness, and in doing so exploring the institutional care system, race, family and the meaning of home. Infused with all the lyricism and power you would expect from one of the nation’s best-loved poets, this moving, frank and timely event is the result of a life spent asking questions, and a celebration of the redemptive power of creativity. Lemn Sissay MBE is a poet, playwright and broadcaster. He has read poetry all over the world and was awarded an MBE for services to literature. He is the Chancellor of The University of Manchester and was the first poet commissioned to write for the London Olympics. He is a regular contributor to radio and TV and a prolific speaker, inspiring audiences on a daily basis across the globe.
TENX9: Peace
The Black Box, Belfast
18 September 2019
At this Tenx9 event, 9 people from different backgrounds and perspectives will share their personal stories and reflections on the theme ‘Peace’ for ten minutes. This event is organised by the Integrated Education Fund as part of CRC Good Relations Week 2019. Free to attend. For more information, please contact: 028 9069 4099

Take Part

City of Derry International Choir Festival: 2019 Festival Chorus
1 September – 23 October 2019
The 2019 Festival Chorus will be joined by the Ulster Orchestra to perform The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins in the Guildhall on 23 October as the Opening Gala Concert of this year's festival. The first rehearsal will be on Sunday 1st September and will run every Sunday thereafter until the festival. Rehearsals will take place in the Model Primary School, Northland Road, Derry from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. There will also be a rehearsal on the evening of Tuesday 22nd October with the conductor, and in the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd October with full orchestra and soloists. You don't need to be a member of a choir to take part. If you can read music and want to be part of a large-scale, dynamic chorus that will perform with the Ulster Orchestra at the Opening Gala Concert of this year's festival, come along on 1st September!
Belfast Street Art Walking Tour
The Black Box, Belfast
1, 8, 15, 22, 29 September 2019
Belfast is famous for its Street Art and there are hundreds of tours that will show you the murals of conflict but what about now, where has this tradition of painting on walls led us? Belfast has become a place where street art has flourished, where artists from around the world have come to paint. Devised and led by the local artists who have driven the scene in the last few years this is a 2 hours long, gently paced guide to the ever changing face of street art in the Cathedral Quarter. Starts at Duke of York, finishes at Black Box.
An Introduction to Lino Printing
Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
5 September 2019
This workshop aims to give you an Introduction to Lino Printing. You will experiment with dry-point printing on polystyrene sheets and progress to lino printing. You will create a design on paper and carve it out in the lino using a variety of cutting tools. Have fun using printing ink and rollers to print your designs in various colours. With this workshop you have the opportunity to learn various processes and then use your own ideas and creativity to create a range of prints. Age 16+
Real Sketchy
The Black Box, Belfast
5 September 2019
Real Sketchy is an open live sketching event taking place in a bar environment. Over the years it’s developed from something that was largely populated by artists to being somewhere that anyone can have a wee sketch and a laugh over a few pints. Pens, pencils and paper provided for everyone by Ink Monkey. All disciplines welcome – comic, illustration, design etc.
Purely Poetry Open Mic Night
Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
6 September 2019
Join Poetry NI and The Crescent as we present Purely Poetry Open Mic Night. Welcoming readers of all styles and experiences, from first timers to old pros, Purely Poetry Open Mic Night fosters an open, laid back and encouraging atmosphere for people to read their work, and to listen in comfort. Quite simply, they want your poems, and they want you to enjoy the experience of reading them to them! To take part, just sign up at the start of the night (registration opens at 8.15pm). All names are drawn out from the Magical Hat of Randomness, and each person has seven minutes max to read, so that they can give as much time as possible to people wanting to read. Spaces are limited to 22 slots. Purely Poetry open mic night runs the first Friday of the month and this event is BYO! Please visit for more details, or email for enquiries.
Revealing Riddel’s Warehouse
Riddel’s Warehouse, 87-91 Ann Street, Belfast
15 September 2019
Join Ulster Architectural Heritage and Hearth Historic Buildings Trust at the impressive Riddel’s Warehouse on Ann Street. For nearly 100 years Riddel’s warehouse stored everything the Musgrave Foundry could produce, from nails to girders! As the building has remained empty for 50 years, acting as a buffer zone to the nearby police station, remnants of this industry can still be seen throughout. These include the weigh bridge, crane mechanism and pigeon holes. Hearth acquired the property in 2014 and and are investigating options for restoration and sustainable re-use, including creating gallery and office space for the Royal Ulster Academy and other arts organisations. This is a unique opportunity to visit the building before these important works commence. Come and meet with representatives of Hearth and their partner organisation, Ulster Architectural Heritage to learn more about this fascinating building and others in Belfast City Centre. Until it is put back into use, Riddel’s like over 500 structures in Northern Ireland is classified as a ‘building at risk’. UAHS will be there to tell you about Heritage at Risk in Northern Ireland. Tours of Riddel’s Warehouse will be available every 30 minutes 10:30am-1pm and from 1:30pm-3:30pm. These will be led by representatives from Hearth and UAHS. Age over 16 only. Free event but booking essential.
Writing the Weird & Wonderful
Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
16 September – 9 December 2019
Have you a fantastic world you'd like to explore? This course breaks down what makes a great speculative fiction book - as well as allowing some time to share what books we love and why. With writing exercises, critical reading, workshops and critique sessions this is ideal for those starting their writing journey and those a little more experienced. Tutor Jo Zebedee is the author of five science fiction and fantasy books, including the Abendau trilogy and Inish Carraig. Her first fantasy book, Waters and the Wild was published by Inspired Quill publishers in 2017. As well as writing, Jo has been facilitating groups for over 15 years through her consultancy, ZTC. Age 16+
Fingerstyle Guitar
Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
16 September – 9 December 2019
Fingerstyle guitar refers to a range of techniques which open up new possibilities, allowing the guitarist to play melody, harmony and rhythm at the same time. This can be seen in the likes of Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), John Martyn, Tommy Emmanuel and Ed Sheeran who often use unconventional and creative techniques. This course will teach you the fundamentals of fingerstyle guitar including: an overview of the basic techniques; a step-by-step approach to learning fingerstyle guitar songs; how to arrange any song for solo guitar. At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to put your skills into practice and play alongside your fellow students at a Belfast Guitar Night as part of an ensemble led by your instructor. No experience with fingerstyle guitar is necessary, although you should be able to change between basic chords with ease. Both acoustic and electric players welcome. Age 16+
Culture Night: Open Mic Poetry Night
Seamus Heaney HomePlace
20 September 2019
Are you a professional or aspiring poet who would like more experience in reading your work to an audience? Would you like to hear the freshest new poetic voices from the area? Whatever your interest, come along to this informal and supportive Open Mic session, hosted by poets Colin Dardis and Geraldine O’Kane. Admission is free, but tickets must be booked for those taking place in the Helicon.
Art in the Orchard with Deborah Malcomson
Long Meadow Cider Company, Portadown
21 September 2019
Art in the Orchard offers a day of creativity combined with great food right in the heart of this working family apple orchard. The workshop, suitable for the complete beginner, budding or seasoned artists will provide the opportunity for participants to apply their creative response to the surroundings – trees, apples and landscape. Deborah Malcomson, a professional visual artist will guide and support each participant through the process of exploring line, colour and form through a range of media. The event includes morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and all materials and equipment.
Echoes at The Alley
Alley Arts & Conference Centre, Strabane
26 September 2019
This September 'Echoes' our new music evening curated by singer-songwriter Darren Doherty who will welcome bands, performers and artists from all over the island to Strabane which is so steeped in musical and artistic tradition. If you would like to perform please contact:
Own Art Scheme
Own Art makes buying art easier and more affordable than ever
Starting or growing your very own art collection has never been easier thanks to ‘Own Art’, an interest free loan scheme supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, which aims to make buying art more accessible. Own Art makes interest free loans possible for people over the age of 18 in Northern Ireland, who want to buy artwork by a living artist from galleries that are signed up to the scheme. It works by letting you spread the cost of the artwork over 10 months, making it more affordable to buy the artwork of your dreams. Own Art customers are able to borrow anything from £100 to £2,500. The loan can also be used as a part-payment on higher value items, helping to support more ambitious buying for higher value items. A deposit isn’t necessary. More details on the website here

Useful info

Creative Space available for hire
Void, Patrick Street, Derry
Void have a variety of flexible rooms available for hire. Conveniently located between Strand Road and Queen Street, the modern, airy spaces are suitable for formal and informal occasions, meetings, conferences, seminars, performances, private functions and exhibitions. Void has full disability access and offer technical assistance and equipment hire on request. To find out more email to or check the website


Belfast International Arts Festival
15 October – 3 November 2019
Volunteering with BIAF is a fun and rewarding way to contribute to the local arts community in Belfast. They are seeking dynamic and enthusiastic volunteers to help deliver a world class visitor experience to everyone who comes to Festival. Volunteers are often the first point of contact to welcome guests and audiences, and assist the Front of House Manager in running the events on the day. To find out more about getting involved use this link
City of Derry International Choir Festival
23 October – 27 October 2019
The City of Derry International Choir Festival recruits a large group of volunteers each year and the successful running of the festival is down to those who can lend a pair of hands! Volunteer duties include stewarding, ushering, selling programmes and merchandise, guiding choirs around the city, meeting and greeting choirs and guests and helping with the flow of large groups of singers around the festival venue. Applications for volunteering at the 2019 festival will open shortly so keep an eye on this page for more details:
Culture Night Belfast
20 September – 21 September 2019
Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, Culture Night Belfast this year will be much more than just one fabulous night of wall to wall wonderful events – this year it will be followed by Culture Day with its own full programme of exciting and cool performances. They will be looking for volunteers to help organising on both the Friday and the Saturday so keep an eye on Twitter and their website for opportunities to sign up and get involved
EastSide Arts
East Belfast
Various dates
EastSide Arts organise a year-round programme of events throughout east Belfast including festivals and community projects. Events include EastSide Arts Festival, CS Lewis Festival, Woodstock Rhythm & Blues Festival, Artful Ageing, HOME Project, and CS Lewis Square events. They need help with a wide range of duties covering everything from front of house, workshop assistance and set building to general enquiries and more. Volunteer to be part of it by following this link
September - December
Do you have a love for film and film events and want to help Cinemagic? They are on the look-out for volunteers to help during their busy Festival periods in Belfast from September to December 2019. Volunteer roles are varied and include filming at events, providing administrative support and being a friendly face for children, families and young people at public events. It you are an enthusiastic, committed and hard working person who would love the opportunity to work with Cinemagic then follow the link to get involved

Volunteering on a Board

Crescent Arts Centre
Looking for new Trustees to join the Board
The Crescent Arts Centre is Northern Ireland's leading multi-artform provider of creative learning classes and workshops, with a vibrant programme of live arts events, outreach activities, exhibitions and the Belfast Book Festival. Moving into a new strategic development period, the Crescent wants to equip itself with a broad and appropriate skills base to ensure growth, with board members providing leadership and experience to the board on growing the organisation’s income and the development of activities that also fulfil their purpose and values. Our priorities are to extend our reach, develop new partnerships, build their profile and create new strategic collaborations. The successful candidates will have experience working at senior levels in relevant organisations. Experience in the public, private, community or voluntary sectors and knowledge of good governance is desirable. To find out more follow the link
Walled City Music
Looking for new Trustees to join the Board
WCM’s vision is to put outstanding classical music-making at the heart of cultural life in Derry. For over ten years Walled City Music’s summer chamber-music Festival (WCMF) has attracted artists of international calibre from around the world. In addition it has run many workshops, master-classes and outreach activities, to enable more people to develop their own skills and experience of music-making and interact with some of the outstanding musicians attending the Festival. In 2011 it extended its activity year-round by launching a concert series, with events held monthly, and in 2014 it extended its range further by promoting opera, experimental jazz and touring across Northern Ireland. In October 2013 Walled City Music, in partnership with City of Derry Civic Choirs launched the City of Derry International Choral Festival, a major new contribution to the musical life of Northern Ireland and the international choral calendar. Their first Walled City Music International Piano Festival launched in July 2019. They are looking for Board Members to continue the development of this exciting company. To find out more please contact
Looking for new Trustees to join the Board
WheelWorks is a dynamic youth arts charity which has been Creating New Worlds across Northern Ireland since 1995. They run workshops, programmes, projects and a social enterprise that combine traditional and digital art forms in creative ways that make a difference. Working mainly with people aged 4-25 they also do some work that brings older and younger people together. They are looking for three new board members (aged 18 and over) and are particularly seeking individuals with experience in marketing and PR, the arts and creative industries, youth service, and people management/HR.
Golden Thread Gallery

Looking for new Trustees to join the Board

Golden Thread Gallery (GTG) is a medium-scale, publicly funded, contemporary art gallery based in Belfast that is recognised as having charitable status. It provides a welcoming space for the public to engage with contemporary visual art, and has grown steadily since it was founded in 1998. GTG is recognised for its engagement with recent histories and re-imagined futures: the majority of its programme is engaged with offering the public a contextual experience of the visual art of our time. GTG is a member of the Plus Tate network, a lead partner in the Draw-Down-the Walls collaboration, and is accredited by Investors in People. They are looking for active, hands-on doers. Entrepreneurs and change-makers. Individuals with capital development would be very welcome. You must be up for being part of a transformation! 

Void, Derry
Looking for new Trustees to join the Board
Void is a contemporary art space in Derry with up to 5 exhibitions per year showing the work of established international and Irish artists. A key element to the gallery is the Void Engage programme, which places participation, engagement and learning at the heart of Void, making contemporary visual art accessible to visitors of all ages. To find out more please follow the link
Culturlann McAdam O Fiaich, Belfast
Looking for new Trustees to join the Board
Culturlann Irish language and arts centre in Belfast is looking for new trustees to join the board. Must be Irish language speakers. To find out more please follow the link
CCA Gallery, Derry
Looking for new Trustees to join the Board
Centre for Contemporary Art fosters a wide range of artistic, curatorial and critical practices through five programme streams: research and production, exhibition-making, public programmes, publishing, and residencies. To find out more please follow the link

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