Risk Taking for Transformation & Reward 24.09.19

24 Sep 2019

Risk Taking for Transformation & Reward 24.09.19

You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' - Wayne Gretzky

For this session we are delighted to welcome Anne Orr. With over 15 years of experience, Anne builds quality management systems and delivers change management through established tools and techniques developed from ISO, Six Sigma and Design Thinking methodologies.

Crescent Arts Centre on Tuesday 24th September from 9.30-11.30am

Anne is passionate about supporting the arts, creative industries, voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors by applying business skills and knowledge to improve their sustainability, innovative culture and commercialization. Since 2013 Anne has volunteered on arts boards, mentored arts and culture groups and facilitated strategic workshops with Boards of Directors and membership groups. Anne has also delivered training and talks on organisational efficiency in the arts sector, managing risks on boards and the challenges and rewards of being a Non-Executive Director.

Anne has recently launched a tech product called ALUNA, which is an app that helps boards manage their governance and compliance requirements.

This will be a highly practical session looking at why 'risk taking' needs to be a part of the conversations you have with your team, the board, stakeholder and funders.

  • What type of risks are facing your organisation?
  • How do you track and manage your risks?
  • How does your organisation decide to take a risk?
  • How do you communicate risks to your board and funders?
  • How do you measure risk versus reward?

To book at space at this session please contact Brona Whittaker

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