Skills Bank

Skills Bank

Expand your horizons. Enjoy a new challenge. Share your Skills.

What’s the view like from your desk?

Do you sometimes dream of being in the hustle backstage before a performance, hearing an orchestra in crescendo, or seeing a blank canvas being transformed before your very eyes by an artist’s imagination?

Through the Arts & Business NI Skills Bank you can make a vital contribution to the local arts scene while benefiting from an insight into the world of arts management.

Sign up and we will match you with an arts manager to help guide them through a specific project.

It’s not just a one-way skills transfer from you to the arts manager though. You’ll also learn from having to think creatively by being exposed to an environment very different from your own.

Any hours spent on a Skills Bank project can count towards an employee’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – it is an experiential training opportunity. Most often, business advisers improve their approaches to problem-solving and develop their managerial skills like communicating, influencing, and coaching. You’ll get new motivation from working on a fresh challenge!

And as you are contributing towards building a healthy local arts community, you’re delivering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity for your employer.

Skills Bank is free to A&B NI Business Members.

Timewise it involves You (the adviser) volunteering to do an average of 6 meetings (e.g. 2 hours per fortnight over 3 months) depending on your availability, to look at a very specific, time-bound project.

For further information contact:

Or why not become a Non-Executive Company Director with a local arts charity either through our Young Professionals or Board Bank programmes?

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