We add creativity and innovation to our business members’ vision and ambition. It propels them in new directions, reignites team spirit and binds their employee teams with energy and purpose.

By connecting businesses with arts members, local communities and thought leaders from different sectors, we give them a differentiated, competitive edge. We bring fresh opportunities and creative solutions. We find solutions in places they didn’t even know existed.

Over the past 30 years we’ve helped businesses to differentiate their brand and motivate their employees by engaging with arts and cultural organisations. We have an unrivalled depth of cultural knowledge and a passion for developing creative connections. Everything we do is accountable, designed to deliver financially tangible progress and enhanced employee well-being

Our business members enjoy a range of unique benefits:

“Arts & Business NI lets Translink fulfil its corporate responsibility potential by delivering a bespoke, professional and expert service. As a people-orientated business delivering around 80 million passenger journeys a year, the Investment Programme has opened the doors to lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships between ourselves and some of the most talented local arts organisations.”

“A vibrant arts and culture sector supports the creation and retention of the educated and innovative workforce that AES needs to power our industry in the future. Through our partnerships with arts organisations like Belfast Exposed and Cinemagic, young people in our local communities learn about electricity through photography, film making and acting. We value having a thriving creative industry that can share their skills and ideas with us through long-term partnerships.”

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Our Funders & Partners

Arts & Business is generously supported by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.